Copyright 2007 Noble L Morton III



  1. Infrastructure
  2. Social Security
  3. Retirement
  4. Stock & Bond Prices
  5. Home Prices
  6. National Defense
  7. Research & Development
  8. Science
  9. Culture & Education
Overpopulation is a Dangerous Myth, making it impossible to provide the growth necessary to sustain the infrastructure, financial and other needs of Society, especially Social Security and Retirement funds, Stock & Bond prices, and the price levels of homes.

1950's there were 8 workers per retiree, today there are only 3 workers per retiree, too few to support Social Security and retirement funds, stock and bond prices, price levels of homes.

2.2 average children per family would be zero growth, so you have to have at least 3 children per family not to have negative growth.

3 children per family on average is not quite enough to sustain Society and the above mentioned needs.

So we need a viable set or rules for couples, in their unique circumstance, to determine healthy family size :

1. Don't have more children than you can educate

2. On the other hand, be generous to the banquet table of life, not short sheeting your children of siblings nor you as their parents from enough children to look out for you when you, their parents, get old, and not denying Society the skilled workers it needs for the whole variety of needs from police, military, medical, educational, political, artistic, professional, research, diplomatic and religious workers.

3. Use an ecological, ethical, natural, safe and effective method of fertility regulation when necessary.

"Social Security & Retirement Funds are Man's Plan to take care of you when you grow old!

Children are God's Plan!" (John A Morton). Guess which one will deliver?